Appraisal companyapproved bythe Bank of Spain

We perform all types of valuations according to various national and international standards such as ECO, RICS or IVS, for all types of purposes.


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Obtain official documentation to apply for your mortgage

The Mortgage Appraisal or also known as Official Appraisal, can only be performed by an Appraisal Company approved by the Bank of Spain, in accordance with Royal Decree 775/1997, of May 30, 1997, Legal Regime for the Approval of Appraisal Services and Companies.

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Valuates assets included in urban transformations

Town planning valuations provide clarity on the value of land, buildings and rights, contributing to transparent town planning processes. The urban valuation establishes the price or valuation of land, installations, constructions and buildings and of the rights constituted on or in relation to these.

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Manages an inheritance fairly and objectively

The hereditary masses usually include assets of different nature, being necessary for the valuation of a multidisciplinary team that can value all types of properties.
We have a large database and valuations carried out to be able to prove, if possible even more, our objectivity.

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Get expert advice in the event of insolvency

If you are involved in insolvency proceedings, either as a company in insolvency, pre-insolvency or bankruptcy, or as a creditor, our asset valuation service can be essential to support your decisions and actions within the proceedings.

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Physical, registry and/or cadastral transformation of a property

Divisions, partitions and segregations require a valuation report that reflects the new reality and the distribution of value between the contributed properties and the resulting properties.

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Have more information before a purchase or sale transaction.

For the buyer, it helps ensure that the price offered is reasonable and fair based on current market conditions and the property itself. For the seller, it provides a solid basis for setting a competitive and attractive price that can accelerate the sale.

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Some of Our Services

Specialized in accompanying the creation of value in real estate investment and divestment operations, which is part of GLOVAL, leader in real estate valuation and consulting.

The appraisal report must be issued by an appraisal company approved by the Bank of Spain.

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The RICS is the most prestigious institution in the real estate sector for its standards of quality, transparency and homogeneity.

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Particular or special assets that do not fit into a standard real estate valuation group.

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Real estate or activities that are normally carried out in buildings or building elements, of monovalent use linked to an economic exploitation.

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Analysis to help delimit responsibilities and make decisions in defense of the interests of those affected.

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Valuations on a large number of properties that, as a general rule, correspond to different typologies and locations

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Why Gloval?

With a technical focus, we are committed to quality and excellence.

icono servicio 360

INTEGRAL vision and service

Complete services to accompany from the analysis to the start-up and transaction of the asset.

icono experiencia Gloval

Recognized TECHNICAL profile

Outstanding technical training of the team, demand for specialized due diligence and consulting services.

icono soluciones a medida

Strong BIG DATA & ANALYTICS capabilities

Risk management based on predictive consulting based on Analytics and the largest proprietary databases.

icono agilidad

Pulse of the primary market

Project monitoring of more than 150 promotions throughout the country: the pulse of the entire “promotion cycle”.