Appraisal companyapproved by the Bank of Spain

We perform all types of valuations according to various national and international standards such as ECO, RICS or IVS, for all types of purposes.


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Obtain official documentation to apply for your mortgage

The Mortgage Appraisal or also known as Official Appraisal, can only be performed by an Appraisal Company approved by the Bank of Spain, in accordance with Royal Decree 775/1997, of May 30, 1997, Legal Regime for the Approval of Appraisal Services and Companies.


Updating the equity value of your properties

The equity value of properties may change over time due to factors such as fluctuations in real estate market prices, property improvements or deterioration, or debt amortization. Keeping track of and regularly updating equity value is essential to assessing financial health and making informed investment and real estate asset management decisions.


Manages an inheritance fairly and objectively

The hereditary masses usually include assets of different nature, being necessary for the valuation of a multidisciplinary team that can value all types of properties.
We have a large database and valuations carried out to be able to prove, if possible even more, our objectivity.


Makes investments or divestments by making strategic decisions

The valuation of a property provides investors with critical information to assess the financial viability of an investment, identify opportunities to buy or sell, optimize asset portfolios, obtain financing and establish competitive prices in the market.


Check or make a claim

The valuation of a property can be useful to prove or support a claim in various situations, such as insurance claims, legal disputes, expropriation claims, tax claims or damage claims.


Have more information before a purchase or sale transaction.

For the buyer, it helps ensure that the price offered is reasonable and fair based on current market conditions and the property itself. For the seller, it provides a solid basis for setting a competitive and attractive price that can accelerate the sale.

Some of Our Services

Specialized in accompanying the creation of value in real estate investment and divestment operations, which is part of GLOVAL, leader in real estate valuation and consulting.


RICS Valuations

Quality, transparent and homogeneous market valuation.

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Checks of the property and value that will help you decide.

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Inheritance and donations

The market valuation of the estate from an objective point of view.

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Leases or rentals

Lessee or lessor, in search of an objective rent.

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Market valuation of transformation processes.

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Urban developments

Valuations in urban development processes.

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Compulsory Purchase

Valuations in expropriation proceedings.

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Orders Concession

Administrative Concessions, Royalties and Reversion.

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Why Gloval?

With a technical focus, we are committed to quality and excellence.

icono servicio 360

INTEGRAL vision and service

Complete services to accompany from the analysis to the start-up and transaction of the asset.

icono experiencia Gloval

Recognized TECHNICAL profile

Outstanding technical training of the team, demand for specialized due diligence and consulting services.

icono soluciones a medida

Strong BIG DATA & ANALYTICS capabilities

Risk management based on predictive consulting based on Analytics and the largest proprietary databases.

icono agilidad

Pulse of the primary market

Project monitoring of more than 150 promotions throughout the country: the pulse of the entire “promotion cycle”.