Energy Rehabilitation

What is an Energy Rehabilitation?

An energetic rehabilitation, when it is energetic, reduces energy consumption and improves the comfort of our spaces and homes.

Through the energy rehabilitation process, great benefits can be achieved, among them, the following stand out:

  • Economic savings in energy bills due to reduced energy consumption.
  • Access to possible subsidies, bonuses and reductions in the IRPF for the reduction of energy consumption in buildings and homes.
  • Improvement of the habitability and comfort of the house. Thermal comfort thanks to insulation and acoustic comfort thanks to new carpentry and windows..
  • Revaluation of the house. Improving the façade and installations can increase the value of the building. In the case of façades with deficiencies (such as cracks or detachments), exterior insulation is an opportunity for rehabilitation.
  • Green financing schemes.
  • Improvement of the environment and air quality. Significant reduction of CO2

Who needs an Energy Rehabilitation?

Spain's housing stock is very aged, in general terms, 80% of residential buildings have a very poor energy rating and high energy consumption, as well as CO2 emissions.

The proposed revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the EU building sector as much as possible by 2030, and to make it climate neutral from 2050 onwards. It also aims to renovate less efficient buildings and improve the exchange of information on energy performance.

In this line, an energy refurbishment can be needed both for a house and a residential building, whether it belongs to a community of neighbors or to a SOCIMI.

However, any building with an energy rating lower than D, is susceptible to improve its efficiency. From Gloval we can accompany you in the process of improving the efficiency of hotels, offices, shopping centers, as well as public buildings.

What makes Gloval different?

Multidisciplinary coordination of all our agents, committed to the environment.

The multidisciplinary coordination of all our agents, committed to the environment, the current context that surrounds us and especially to our clients who need it most.

At GLOVAL we accompany you in the energy refurbishment process from start to finish. We act as the manager of the refurbishment, and put at your disposal a technical team specialized in energy efficiency. We carry out energy savings calculations, and we can advise you throughout the process, also carrying out quality control and monitoring of the commissioning to verify the correct execution and, in this way, to be able to accredit it in order to obtain subsidies or sustainable financing.

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How do we do an Energy Rehabilitation?

Configuring ourselves as a rehabilitating agent.

Aware of the difficulty of reaching an agreement in a community of owners, or to undertake works in a building or house, Gloval proposes two phases in the process of energy rehabilitation, a first phase to study the options, and a second phase to carry out the energy rehabilitation.

  • PHASE I: Drafting of an energy efficiency improvement report with several proposals and their energy calculations, study of possible subsidies and preparation of an estimated budget for the work.
  • PHASE II: Once the decision on the actions to be undertaken has been made, we provide support in the application for subsidies, project drafting and monitoring of the work.


PHASE I. Application

Share with us your needs by filling out our form.
We will analyze your request, and once our estimate is approved, we will make an appointment to visit the property.



PHASE I. Report

The assigned technical team will visit the property and make the necessary verifications for the drafting of an energy efficiency assessment report with the scope of subsidies and budget estimate.



PHASE II. Management

If the client is still interested, we will put our grant management team in place and make available a financing plan coordinated with EEFF with whom we usually work.



PHASE II. Construction

We will advise on the choice of construction companies and drafting teams, if necessary, and GLOVAL will monitor the work in progress for the correct obtaining of the subsidy and financing.

Frequently Asked Questions

For example, redistribute the house, change the windows or install systems and equipment that allow us to optimize energy.

If your home belongs to a community of owners, we recommend that you propose to them to carry out the rehabilitation as a whole, it is an operation that, by doing it in a shared way, the expenses are reduced and the benefits are multiplied. In addition, it will be possible to carry out actions on the exterior envelope and roof (common elements of the building) that have a greater impact on the improvement of energy efficiency.

The energy rehabilitation of a building can bring great benefits to our quality of life, the energy efficiency of our home and the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions.

There are financial institutions that have specific products aimed at improving energy efficiency. In Gloval we collaborate with several entities both for the energy improvement actions of a house and for the energy rehabilitation actions of a building or community of owners.

With the energy improvement of your property you can access to certain reductions/deductions in personal income tax returns. For this you will need to have a Energy Efficiency Certificate The initial Certificate of Energy Efficiency before carrying out the improvement/rehabilitation works and another final Certificate of Energy Efficiency, to accredit the improvements obtained with the completion of the works.

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