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We help our clients harness the immense potential of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence as powerful tools that facilitate decision-making and improve negotiations.

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Automated valuation of real estate

Gain access to the market values in our AVM (Automated Valuation Model), which uses machine learning techniques and has been trained with our extensive database.

Portfolio Analysis

Incorporate sustainability parameters into your real estate, including data on energy efficiency, emission values, consumption and a wide range of environmental risks.

Strategic analysis

Discover and learn about our real estate indicators, which will allow you to draw up the right strategy for your operational profile, anticipating market movements, falls in value and forecasts.

Investment opportunities

With our help you can decide on the best option and we will also provide you with ratios, pricing and the best forecast return depending on the investment and/or capex involved.

Enhance your business

We offer you our entire catalog of data, services and models. We have different technological solutions to enrich your processes and enhance your business.

Customised solutions

Specialised in managing large volumes of normalised and enriched data. This data is analysed by experts and powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. This combination allows us to extract meaningful insights about the real estate market, identify trends, assess risks and opportunities, providing our clients with a complete view to support their strategic decisions.

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All of our products are designed to offer innovative solutions for real estate portfolio analysis. We are committed to using the latest technology and to being at the forefront of developing new tools to meet the changing needs of the industry.

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Technology and expert knowledge of the real estate sector has allowed us to create an innovative real estate platform using location intelligence techniques, where we have turned information into knowledge, making it available to you to make the most of every detail and allowing you to make strategic decisions with confidence and precision.

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Real Estate Figures

We have a large number of our own figures, standardised and enriched, analysed by experts and artificial intelligence algorithms

The real estate sector is like any other in that it is no stranger to the demand for information and flexibility that customers require today. In this sector, different factors come together to make it very competitive, including its strong economic and social impact, the volume of agents involved, the amount of cross selling that it generates and many, many more. This competitiveness creates a need for great decisions to be made quickly.

This is not the right place for an analysis of the real estate sector, but it is interesting to highlight two basic concepts involved in real estate, namely the existence of an asset and the making of decisions about that asset. For these, it is firstly essential to have enough information, both about the asset itself and what is going on around it, or in other words, more descriptive information that gives us a more concrete idea about that asset. Secondly, we need to have more in-depth information, moving into the area of prediction and even influencing, where the goal would be to get ahead of events and therefore make the right decisions.

In short, we are talking about information and decisions, or to put it another way, about data and risks.

Gloval has been operating in the real estate sector for more than thirty five years, providing services such as valuation, consultancy and engineering. As a result, Gloval Analytics has been able to create a catalogue designed to share these figures and weigh up the risk that we mentioned previously. Through this it makes available a series of highly granular variables, especially selected for areas such as the Real Estate Market, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Risks and Urban Planning.

Customised data

We adapt to your needs

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Leading indicators

Data analysed by experts applying machine learning techniques

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Real Estate Big Data

What makes Gloval different?

We focus on extracting value from the huge amount of data we have gathered over the years through the companies making up Gloval Valuation to offer transparency on the sector and services with a high added value to our customers.

Data Enrichment

Resolving of inconsistencies and incompatibilities Geospatial analysis of the data that makes the models more precise and reliable and also increases the options for displaying the indicators.

Big Data

We have millions of our own records and a large database of public data and data from specialists suppliers in Spain, Portugal and the UK mostly.

Technological Solutions

We apply machine learning models and those from other branches of AI to both internal decision making in the company and meeting customer needs.

Real Estate Experts

We have extensive experience in the company that mean that our models are underpinned by a wealth of knowledge that makes results more effective.


We adapt to the needs of our customers. We provide data, indicators and services for portfolios or platforms with the aim of enhancing the customer’s assets.

Data Science

We have a team (Data Scientist) specialising in artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques and algorithms that when combined with the Real Estate experts allows us to develop extremely accurate models.