Expert’s Report

Expert’s reports on properties and damages conducted by party-appointed experts or court-appointed experts to determine the value of a property, risk or damages and be used in legal proceedings or a claim.

What is an expert’s report?

Technical report to support legal proceedings and/or claims against damages.

An expert’s report is a technical report prepared by a qualified expert who can be appointed directly by the interested party (party-appointed expert) or by a court or public organisation (third-party or court-appointed expert) that is generally used as evidence in legal proceedings and/or claims for damages.

The purpose of these reports, valuations or opinions is to analyse the specific situation of each property, in terms of its value or damages and help limit liabilities and make decisions to defend the party’s interests.

An expert’s report is usually required when the parties don’t come to an understanding or agreement and, therefore, the experts must not only be specialists and rigorous in preparing the report, but they must also have experience in appearing as witnesses to defend the report in a trial.

Who needs it?

People who need a report by an expert to analyse the value or damages caused to a property.

Overall, any kind of person or entity who needs a specialised technical report, a report by a party-appointed expert, an opinion by a third-party-appointed expert, conflicting valuations, reports on building pathologies or the analysis and appraisal of damages.
An expert’s report will be necessary when you need to prove what you’re claiming and therefore need an expert on the subject.
Experts’ reports are aimed at natural or legal persons, or insurance companies, law firms, courts, Companies House, public bodies (town/city councils), financial entities…

gloval What makes Gloval different?

We have a wide network of professionals and experts who are constantly involved in the real-estate market and the supervision of building work.

Gloval has an extensive staff of qualified experts and a network of external partners spread all over Spain. They specialise in architecture and engineering and are divided into specialised departments and multi-disciplinary teams. They are used to preparing all kinds of reports and opinions.

How do we do it?

Our methodology is supported by our broad experience in experts’ reports.

Conducting an expert’s report or opinion requires the thorough work of a qualified professional which involves interviewing the interested parties, asking for and analysing all the documents available and even defending or endorsing the expert’s report in a trial if necessary. Each report will be different.

1. Contact and visit

Once we have received the order, one of our experts will contact the client to arrange dates and visits.

2. Documentation and checks

You will need to provide all the documents on the property (land registry, technical, administrative documents) for us to analyse them.

3. Analysis

The expert will analyse the data gathered on the visit and the documents provided. If necessary, we will arrange more visits.

4. Report

We then write down the results from these processes in the expert’s report and/or opinion.

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