Gloval, your solution inReal Estate Consulting

Specialized in accompanying the creation of value in real estate investment and divestment operations, which is part of GLOVAL, leader in real estate valuation and consulting.


We help you to meet all your needs

Each project is an opportunity to show the commitment of GLOVAL and its professionals to our clients' objectives.


Maximize your real estate investments

With a comprehensive approach, we accurately analyze each investment to make intelligent decisions that identify opportunities and mitigate risks to ensure an optimal return on your capital.


Add value to your heritage

Wealth optimization is essential to ensure a solid financial future, we are here to help you achieve your goals with confidence and efficiency.


Creates a project with a solid root

The sustainable success of any project begins with a solid and well-built foundation. Our primary focus is to provide expert, strategic advice that lays the right foundation for long-term growth and prosperity.


Protect and maximize your unique assets

Development of our methodology for reviewing the valuation aspects applied to the property, with an alternative proposal that adequately considers the interests of each client.


A great project requires a great partner

Real estate purchase and sale transactions involve technical and legal aspects that only experts know in depth. Your projects in the hands of the best professionals.


Achieves strategic agreements

Get the necessary support in all phases of your commercial transactions, from strategic negotiations to the closing of beneficial agreements for your company.

Business areas

With a technical focus, we are committed to quality and excellence.

We advise and accompany you from the analysis and negotiation phase to the execution phase of refinancing and debt restructuring plans with financial institutions or other potential creditors.

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We offer you solid proposals and solutions to enhance the value of your real estate assets, minimizing risk in the design of your investment plans and the creation of portfolios and special investment vehicles.

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Comprehensive advice for the management, valuation and optimization of large projects with unique collaterals, helping our clients to make informed decisions and maximize the potential of their investments.

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We transform information and knowledge into business opportunities, putting at your disposal our powerful databases and proprietary developments to provide solid arguments for decision making and risk minimization, both in the design of new portfolios and the optimization and improvement of existing ones.

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The complexity of the Spanish urban planning laws that vary depending on each region, along with the need to have a good grasp of the economic flows involved in transforming land, make it advisable to count on GLOVAL’s expert advice.

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Comprehensive project management, from feasibility analysis to delivery or commissioning, offering technical supervision services in all types of processes and projects for proper coordination, management and reporting.

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Why Gloval?

With a technical focus, we are committed to quality and excellence.

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INTEGRAL vision and service

Complete services to accompany from the analysis to the start-up and transaction of the asset.

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Recognized TECHNICAL profile

Outstanding technical training of the team, demand for specialized due diligence and consulting services.

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Strong BIG DATA & ANALYTICS capabilities

Risk management based on predictive consulting based on Analytics and the largest proprietary databases.

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We have our own methodology adapted to the requirements of each project.