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We accompany you throughout the construction process and the useful life of the property, advising you in the drafting of the projects, monitoring the works, with the quality control of the execution, and once the property is in use or in operation, we review its state of conservation and its adaptation to the regulations, proposing possible improvements.


We help you to meet all your needs


Warranties in sale and purchase

When making a transaction, investing or acquiring a property, it is convenient to know its state of conservation and compliance with regulations, as well as its efficiency from an energy point of view. This helps to estimate the investment needed for possible renovations, to upgrade the property or to put the property into use, avoiding surprises later on.


Risk monitoring and mitigation

Reflecting all the possible costs of the development, from the moment of the purchase of the plot until the “handing over of the keys”, analysing the sales rhythm, facilitating an adequate control of the cash-flow of the project and of the deadlines for the execution and obtaining of licences for the sale of the houses.


Technical supervision

Con una revisión dinámica de los proyectos constructivos tanto de edificación como urbanización y obra civil, analizando el cumplimiento de los estándares y exigencias normativas, estableciendo el plan de calidad en la ejecución de las obras o realizando los informes de OCT para el Seguro Decenal de Daños.



Prioritizing sustainability

Our team of energy efficiency advisors will accompany you in the energy audit process if you are obliged by RD 56/2016 to carry it out, but also in the reform of your home or building, advising you on possible tax benefits, subsidies or green financing that you can access.

Some of Our Services

A company specialising in construction, installations, sustainability, feasibility studies, quality control, cost control and technical due diligence, an engineering division that forms part of GLOVAL, a leader in real estate valuation and consultancy.

It provides the necessary information to avoid unforeseen costs and deadlines in a real estate investment, as well as being a solid basis for negotiation in the transfer of real estate.

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The monitoring of the process provides greater control over the final use of the financing, ensuring that the funds are used only and exclusively in the development under study, generating a climate of trust between the developer, builder and financial institution.

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An energy audit allows us to find operations within your business processes that can contribute to energy savings and efficiency, and optimise the building’s energy consumption.

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Building Control Approvals

Drafting of the reports requested by the insurance companies in order to guarantee the quality of the dwellings and thus be able to adequately assess the risk of each project in order to obtain the Ten-Year Damage Insurance.

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Technical advice and quality control

Supervision of projects and advice on their drafting, verifying compliance with regulations or the client’s requirements. Control of the execution of construction, refurbishment or minor refurbishment works to verify compliance with standards.


Energy Rehabilitation

We accompany and advise you in the process of improving the energy efficiency of your home or property, from the very beginning by suggesting possible alternatives, to the completion of the works with the issue of the Energy Certificate to verify that the improvements in emissions and consumption foreseen at the beginning have been achieved.

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Building Assessment Reports

Necessary to ascertain the state of conservation of the building, its adaptation to accessibility regulations and its degree of energy efficiency, required by regional and/or local regulations and requested in certain calls for subsidies.

Why Gloval?

With a technical focus, we are committed to quality and excellence.

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INTEGRAL vision and service

We offer a wide range of services designed to accompany you from the initial conception of the idea to the moment the property is put into operation and even beyond, throughout the life cycle of the property.

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Recognized TECHNICAL profile

High technical skills and specific training as part of multidisciplinary teams in demand for specialised services such as technical due diligence, monitoring, pathology reports, quality control and energy consultancy.

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OWN Databases

Extensive databases based on our experience in cost verification and schedule tracking in construction works, risk analysis of pathology occurrence, energy efficiency solutions and savings in energy consumption and GHG emissions.


Customer proximity and RESULTS

We adapt to your needs, looking for the solution that meets your requirements, keeping you informed at all times of the progress of the work, sharing with you any doubts that may arise and meeting the deadlines committed to.