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What is the Tax and Estate Consultancy?

We offer audits and advice for claims against the different taxes related to real-estate.

Being the owner of a property and transferring it will be subject to a series of taxes that both the buyer and the seller must pay. We give you advice on the steps required to regularise any differences with the real value and check the cadastre value against the estimated value.

Who needs it?

In cadastre values and property transfers it is important to check the data and justify conflicting values.

When the cadastre description of a property does not reflect its reality, the cadastre value will not be reflecting its real value, so we can help with the procedure to regularise this value by preparing the reports needed. Likewise, if the values estimated by the public body do not match what you declared, we can guide you on how to prepare an opposing expert valuation. The tax savings in these cases can be considerable.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

We have detailed information on past values and qualified staff all over Spain.

By merging the vast experience of three valuation companies (Ibertasa, Valtecnic and VTH) we have brought together a wealth of past market values from valuations conducted all over Spain and market comparisons. This makes us a leading company in retrospective appraisals with the greatest accuracy and also provides us with a database with market information from the past 30 years or more.

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We check the information from the database with all our past valuations and comparisons and adjust them to the property’s reality. We analyse every case individually with the client and hold a first meeting to know the specific needs of each case. The client receives preliminary advice and talks to a qualified expert directly to bring together their points of view. This is crucial to have the best chance of winning the appeal.

To prove the value of a property on different dates, we need reliable and comparable market data at each juncture. In this regard, given the experience and volume of all the appraisals done by GLOVAL we have this information. The qualified staff who is devoted to preparing this type of appraisal reports depending on the type and use of the property is made up of architects, architectural technicians, construction engineers and agricultural engineers.

Any document that will prove the buying or selling prices of the property. As well as the notices received from the Public Agency, the Tax Property receipts and the Title Deed.

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