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Sustainable property development seeks to minimise its negative impact on the environment and its surroundings through the efficient and intelligent use of the space and energy. At Gloval we offer you all the services you need.

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Optimisation of investments

We can help you decide which investment option best suits your needs. We complete an initial analysis of the state of the property currently and after its renovation, advising you about the best possible investment and the return provided under each of the scenarios considered.

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Regulatory compliance

Comply with European regulations thanks to the analysis of the risk of portfolios, providing the figures for reporting to the EBA, and monitor compliance with the regulations on construction and sustainability with our Project monitoring reports and Building Energy Assessments.

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Energy saving and Increase in value

Discover and find out more about the opportunities for greater saving and associated increase in value of your properties through customised reports where we analyse your needs and study the best option for you.

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Certification with Green stamps

Assess and certify compliance of your buildings with sustainability parameters through our teams specialising in the certification of sustainability stamps for all kinds of projects and buildings; Breeam, Leed, Verde.

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We are working for a sustainable real estate sector

Gloval is committed to sustainability, which is why it offers you a wide range of services that meet your needs, with specialised teams who are there to help you obtain the best possible outcomes.

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Energy Efficiency

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Audits and Due Diligence

Icono Monitorización préstamos verdes

Green Loans

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Portfolio Analysis

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Renewable Energy Project Finance

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360º Services

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A financial boost for your project with European grants

We help you to improve your ideas so that they can become winning projects, guiding you so that you are aware of your opportunities for participating in the European development funds.

Next Generation

The European Next Generation funds are designed relaunch the economy in the short term and improve productivity and growth potential in the medium and long term. They could provide a financial boost for any sustainable improvements to your property.

The EU Next Generation fund will make it possible to deploy a significant amount of investment aimed at residential renovations to improve energy efficiency.

Would you like to know more about the requirements and how to apply for Next Generation funds? At Gloval we can advise you and manage the grants that best meet your needs.

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European Taxonomy

The European Union (EU) Taxonomy on sustainable finance proposes a clear and transparent system for identifying which activities are sustainable.

The building sector has its own set of indicators, which should guarantee that in the future, urban and building developments are more sustainable.

At Gloval, we have a verification service for the three areas of property activity – new build, renovation and purchasing and ownership -, which is based on the principles of the Taxonomy that currently apply.

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In our focus on sustainability and the environment, we offer you a wide range of customised products and services, all managed together through a single point.


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Gloval will do the work with streamlined tracking that will allow you to know the status at all times with the best guarantees.



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We will then send you the results of the work and remain available should you have any further questions.

Why Gloval?

GLOVAL can provide a solution for any project you have in mind, drawing on its wide range of services and its multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals, operating both nationally and internationally.

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One-stop provider

Offering a cross-cutting approach, support and comprehensive guidance.

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Professional implementation with 40 years in the real estate sector with national and international coverage.

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Customised solutions

We provide detailed advice and a customised service, anticipating your needs.

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