Appraisal of Subdivisions, Partitions and Segregations

Market appraisal of land transformation processes.

What is an appraisal on Subdivisions, Partitions and Segregations?

Appraisal regarding the physical, urban planning and legal viability.

Subdivisions, partitions and segregations require an appraisal report that will reflect the new reality and distribution of value between the original plots of land and the resulting plots, analysing the viability from a physical, urban planning and legal perspective that will guarantee any subdivision proposed by the client.

These are market appraisals that will depend on what they will be used for and will refer to a certain date.

Who needs it?

Original land, initially-registered land, value distribution, segregations, combinations

Any natural or legal person who needs to carry out or claim the physical, registry or cadastre transformation process for a property.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

We appraise transformations with the support of our experience and expertise.

The appraisal of a property affected by a transformation process will require expert knowledge of the different factors that could influence it, like urban planning, land registry, cadastre, market, legal or other aspects.

Gloval has external and internal experts who are used to doing this type of analysis as part of their daily work. Their experience in different areas helps certify their estimates.

How do we do it?

With our own methodology based on our experience and expertise.

We put our many branches and over 1,100 local experts who master the local real-estate market at your disposal.

1. Order

Tell us your needs by filling in our form.
We will analyse your order, assign you a technical team and ask you for the documents we need.

2. Then we get started

Our expert team will contact you to arrange a date for the visit to the property when it needs to be checked, and will analyse the rental market, etc.

3. Your value

Before you receive it, the property appraisal or valuation goes through a calculation process led by experts who specialise in the real-estate market and then a technical validation process run by Gloval to ensure the quality throughout the entire process and give you the best service possible.

4. Delivery

We will then send you the report and will remain at your disposal for any doubts you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, but it is advisable if you need to justify it to third parties.

Technically no. The term valuation is reserved for appraisals regulated by Spanish Order ECO/805/2003 and are mostly used for Mortgage Guarantees.

Usually our reports are issued for a specific purpose, but remember that in this case we want to find the market value on a certain date and under a series of assumptions, so it could indeed serve for other purposes depending on who asks for it. However, we advise against this and suggest you link the appraisal to a specific purpose.

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