Real Estate Reports

Real Estate Reports

Residential Market Barometer in Andalusia

4Q 2022

Evolution of the Value of Housing in the Metropolitan Area of Seville and Provincial Capitals in Andalusia

GLOVAL Analytics is continuing its quarterly analysis and research and publishing its Residential Market Barometer to monitor behaviour in residential market values in the Metropolitan Areas of Seville and the provincial capitals in Andalusia.


In this second issue, we continue to analyse the quarterly and yearly trend in house values. The number of municipalities belonging to the metropolitan area of Seville is adjusted by including some of the most relevant areas and leaving out the less influential ones.


Download the full report below:

The average house value in the municipality of Seville, in the fourth quarter of 2022, was €1,987/m2, which means a YoY increase of +6.1%. There is a positive trend in the metropolitan area, with a house value of €1,346/m2 and a year-on-year increase of +8.0%. This upturn is due to the largely ongoing nature of the increase in all towns in the metropolitan area of Seville, especially Bormujos and Mairena de Aljarafe. In general terms, except for the strong rises in Bormujos and Mairena de Aljarafe, the variations with respect to the previous quarter point to a stagnation of values with some downward adjustments.


You can download the eighth edition of the Residential Market Barometer report in Andalusia below:

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