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Residential Market Barometer in Andalusia

MAY 2022

Trend in House Prices in the province capitals in Andalusia and Seville and its metropolitan area

In honour of the real-estate event called “Inmociónate”, held in Seville last May, GLOVAL Analytics has analysed the state of the residential market in the province capitals in Andalusia for the first quarter of 2022. Focusing this study on Seville and its area of influence. Its structure is similar to the quarterly report of the Barometer for Madrid and Barcelona.


We publish this document to shed light on the current state of the residential market. You can download it here:

Residential market of Seville and its area of influence MAS

Average house price

The average house price in the municipality of Seville, in the first quarter of 2022, was €1,917 per square metre, which means a 1.4% rise. We observe a positive trend in the metropolitan area, with a house price of €1,151 per square metre and a YoY increase of 2.5%. This rise was due to the ongoing upward trend, especially in the towns of the metropolitan area of Seville, in particular Coria del Río, Camas and Dos Hermanas, whereas El Viso de Alcor showed a drop. All other towns show stable behaviour.

Variation in House Prices

Residential market in province capitals in Andalusia

Average house selling prices

The highest house prices are in the capitals of Cadiz (€2,277/m²), Malaga (€2,256/m²) and Seville (€1,917/m²), whereas the lowest are in the capitals of (€1,101/m²), Jaen (€1,113/m²) and Almeria (€1,256/m²).

As for the trend, the most significant annual growth of the average price of a home in the first quarter of 2022 is in capitals on the coast, with Malaga in the lead recording a 9.4% annual growth and followed by Cadiz (5.8%) and Almeria (5.7%). Behind them come Jaen, with a 3.5% drop, Cordoba (-1.0%) and Granada (-0.5%).

Average Rental Prices

The highest rents are in the capitals of Malaga, Cadiz and Huelva. The cheapest are in Jaen, Cordoba and Almeria.

As for investments, those with highest gross yield are Huelva, with 7.95%, followed by Almeria (6.86%) and Jaen (6.42%). The ones with a lower gross yield are Cadiz (5.28%), Granada (5.28%) and Malaga (5.62%).

Download the report on the Residential Market Barometer in province capitals in Andalusia, Seville and its area of influence, here:

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