Real Estate Reports

Real Estate Reports

Residential Market Barometer N. 10

First quarter of 2023

Analysis of the first quarter of 2023

GLOVAL Analytics continues its quarterly analysis and research and publishes its Residential Market Barometer to monitor behaviour in residential market values in the Metropolitan Areas of Madrid and Barcelona. We also give a brief description of the economic background and the state of the real estate market.

In this tenth issue, we continue to analyse the quarterly and yearly trend in house values.

To prepare this report, we analysed the evolution of residential house values based on free market prices drawn from valuations and market offers, without differentiating between single-family or multi-family properties, new builds or existing homes.

House values are continuing on their annual upward path in the main municipalities of Madrid and Barcelona, as well as their areas of influence. The quarterly variations also maintained growth, except in Madrid’s area of influence where there was a small fall of -0.5%.

Evolution of house prices in Madrid and its metropolitan area

If we analyse the Madrid area in more detail, all the municipalities continue to have a positive evolution in the unit value of housing. The municipalities of Las Rozas de Madrid and Alcobendas continue to lead the way in terms of rises, with the municipality of San Sebastián de los Reyes now joining them. The annual evolution of the average unit value in Madrid is +6.0% and +5.1% in its area of influence. In this quarter we have seen small quarterly falls in nine of the municipalities, which could point to a slowdown in house values.


Evolution of house prices in Barcelona and its metropolitan area

The municipality of Barcelona continues to show annual growth in its average unit values, with a rise of +4.0%, which is higher than December when it stood at +2.6%. In terms of the municipalities in its area of influence, although most of them have seen rises, a small fall has been seen in El Prat de Llobregat and Montcada i Reixac, while the fall is slightly more pronounced in Sant Adrià de Besós. Overall, the average increase for the metropolitan area is +2.3%.


You can download the thenth edition of the Residential Market Barometer report below:

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