Appraisal of Inheritance and Donations

The market value of the estate from an objective point of view.

What is an appraisal on Inheritance and Donations?

Appraisal of estate lots

The appraisal on Inheritance and Donations is an appraisal of the estate that seeks the market value of real or moveable assets on the date when the donation was made to then update that value to the present date, if necessary.

When an estate is divided into lots, it is usually made up of different assets, from real-estate property in its broadest sense (urban or rural) to rights, moveable assets that make up the household furnishings and any other type of asset.

Who needs it?

Parties in inheritance disputes

Any natural or legal person who disagrees with the distribution of the estate and does not agree with the lot they inherited.

gloval What makes Gloval different?

We appraise your inheritance objectively.

An estate usually includes different types of assets which means that the appraisal requires a multi-disciplinary team to value all the different types of properties.

We have a vast database with a wealth of data and appraisals to prove, even further, our objectivity.

How do we do it?

Objectivity above all

We put our many branches and over 1,100 local experts who master the local real-estate market at your disposal.

1. Order

Tell us your needs by filling in our form.
We will analyse your order, assign you a technical team and ask you for the documents we need.

2. Then we get started

Our technical team will contact you and arrange a date to visit the property and perform all the necessary checks, including registry records, occupancy status, development, cadastre, market and other checks.

3. Your value

Before you receive it, the property appraisal or valuation goes through a calculation process led by experts who specialise in the real-estate market and then a technical validation process run by Gloval to ensure the quality throughout the entire process and give you the best service possible.

4. Delivery

We will then send you the report and will remain at your disposal for any doubts you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, but it is advisable to have an appraisal before you make a decision.

Technically no. The term valuation is reserved for appraisals regulated by Spanish Order ECO/805/2003 and are mostly used for Mortgage Guarantees.

Usually our reports are issued for a specific purpose, but remember that in this case we want to find the market value on a certain date, so it could indeed serve for other purposes depending on who asks for it. However, we advise against this and suggest you link the appraisal to a specific purpose.

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