Homeowners’ Associationsand Individuals

Gloval offers you a sustainable solution for the needs of your property, minimising its negative impact on the environment and its surroundings through the efficient and intelligent use of the space and energy.

What do you need?

Energy Saving

You want to optimise the demand and consumption of energy in your building or home.

Energy Classification

You are going to rent, renovate or apply for a grant and you don’t have an Energy Efficiency Certificate (known as a CEE).

Self-consumption and renewable energy

You have a large roof or piece of land to use for solar energy.

To renovate your building

Your building is over 50 years old and does not have an updated IEE.

The services Gloval can offer you

Energy Efficiency Certificate

Having a CEE is a requirement document for any purchase or rental agreements, but it also allows you to apply for public grants and green loans.

This document shows the energy demand and consumption of the building.

Self-consumption and renewable energy

If you belong to a homeowners’ association and have a roof that is not in use, or you have some land, you can benefit from community self-consumption, renewable energy and the grants currently on offer.

Energy renovation

We are experts in finding the best energy savings for your home or building. We analyse the current situation and advise you on the actions that would suit you best.

We support you through the process of managing grants.

Building Assessment Report

This document, known as an IEE, analyses the accessibility, conservation and energy rating of buildings.

It is a requirement for buildings that are more than fifty years old and it is also needed to obtain energy efficiency improvement grants.

Why Gloval?

GLOVAL can provide a solution for any project you have in mind, drawing on its wide range of services and its multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals, operating both nationally and internationally.

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One-stop provider

Offering a cross-cutting approach, support and comprehensive guidance.

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Professional experience that comes from thirty five years of operating in the property sector nationally and internationally.

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Customised solutions

We provide detailed advice and a customised service, anticipating your needs.

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Easy to contact.
Quick to respond and to act.