Next Generation Programme

This is a unique opportunity to transform our economies and societies and design a Europe that works for everyone.

As a result of this philosophy, Spain will receive €140 billion to help tackle this challenge through the four areas of ecological transition, digital transition, social and territorial cohesion and gender equality.

Who can apply for Next Generation funds?

Next Generation funds are available for individuals, freelancers, companies and corporations. They are distributed through ten policy levers which in turn include the thirty components used to organise the investment, renovation and modernisation projects.


In the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, Component 13 is entirely set aside for supporting SMEs. It is expected that €4.894 billion will be invested, seeking to improve the productivity of companies, contribute to job creation and enhance competitiveness.

The main areas SME involvement will be channelled into are mobility and renewable energies, skills training and development, industrial projects, digitisation, funding entrepreneurship and tourism and retail.

Large Corporations

In addition to Component 13 mentioned above, Lever V of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan covers the types of investments and reforms of projects to improve the industrial base with a special emphasis on digital connectivity, cybersecurity and the deployment of 5G.

Calls for proposals

The ministries, autonomous communities and local councils will establish different calls for proposals for the various programmes for grants and subsidies within the Recovery Plan and these will be available to companies, SMEs, freelancers and the public in general.

Areas where Gloval could help you


Lever III of the Recovery Plan deals with investments and projects to promote a just and inclusive energy transition, seeking a decarbonised, competitive and efficient energy sector, strengthening the role of renewable energies, promoting smart electrical infrastructures, the integration of renewable hydrogen, etc.


Within lever I, Component 2 defines the plan for housing refurbishment and urban renewal, with a total estimated investment of €6.82 billion, seeking to regenerate residential areas, establish rented social housing in energy efficient buildings, energy renovate existing buildings and also boost the refurbishment of public buildings.


Various levers of the Recovery Plan have sustainability as their common theme. Examples include lever I that seeks to enhance the use of sustainable resources and lever II with its sustainable mobility projects.


Through lever V, the Recovery Plan seeks to modernise industrial policy, enhancing the development of SMEs.


Gloval's technical team is ready to help you in this process.

Energy renovation

Renovation study of a residential building, identifying some potential improvement actions, such as the cladding, thermal installations and renewable energies, to reduce their energy consumption and demand.

Energy improvement advice

Everything you need to know about your home to achieve the greatest energy savings and return.