Trends in the real estate market in the second quarter of 2020

Num. 6 - Jun 2020

Highlights of the quarter: April - June 2020

Real estate market trends report for the second quarter of 2020, with relevant information on the macroeconomic environment and the different segments of the real estate sector, such as residential, logistics/industrial, office, retail and hotel. Download the full report here:

The GLOVAL Group echoes the key points of the COVID-19 quarter regarding the real estate sector.

Macroeconomic environment

Nothing escapes the effects of a slump on the global, European and Spanish economy. In just 15 days, GDP has been down 3.8%. A closure of productive activity has triggered an unprecedented “shock” of demand. Everything will fall in remarkable numbers. A scenario is estimated for the total year of GDP fall around 12%-15%. The
unemployment rate to March was 14.4%, and it can reach the 2012/13 levels. Another indicator is public and private indebtedness, which leads to increases the default rate

Figure 1: Real GPD and Housing Prices (yoy, 2007 – Q1. 2020)

Residential segment

The “shock” of demand resulting from the activity cessation of the productive sectors of the economy, will bring a significant destruction of employment, on the other hand, very sensitive to housing acquisition.

Logistics/Industrial segment

It is the segment least adversely affected by the pandemic effects, as it fulfils the necessary mission of distribution and supply of goods.

Office segment

Office spaces will mark a turning point in business structures.

Retail segment

It’s the most punished segment by the closing of stores as well as the hotel segment.

Hotel segment

Greatly affected by confinement and mobility restrictions due to COVID-19 which is likely 2020 to be a year of loss.

Consulting Area in GLOVAL

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Chart 2: Work Performed by asset class.

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