Trends in the real estate market in the last quarter of 2019

Num. 4 - December 2019

Highlights of the quarter: October - December 2019

New Gtrends Report, corresponding to the last quarter of 2019. Real estate market trends report, with relevant information on the macroeconomic environment and the different segments of the real estate sector, such as residential, logistics/industrial, office, retail and hotel. You can download the GTrends Report Num. 4 here:

Macroeconomic environment

As noted in the previous economic outlook report, the Spanish economy has entered a period of slowdown, on the other hand, expected after sustainable growth since 2014 accompanied also by a less favorable external environment, which especially affects our external balance.

Chart 1: Real GDP and Housing Prices (year-on-year change, 2007-2020)

Residential segment

The housing market stabilized in general terms, mainly due to the stagnation of demand, although it remains at peak levels.

Logistics/Industrial segment

This segment of the real estate market remains strong in terms of land purchases for new developments, as well as the exchange of portfolios between large investment funds.

Office segment

Office space procurement maintains a solid outlook for the short to medium term in both Madrid and Barcelona.

Retail segment

The high street retail segment in the best locations in Madrid and Barcelona remains strong. Investment in high street retail accounts for around 50% of total investment in retail space, followed by shopping centers and malls.

Hotel segment

Spain maintains its attractiveness as a tourist destination and this is reflected in the investment movements in the purchase of hotels throughout 2019.

Project Monitoring function at Gloval

Gloval, within its engineering division called Gloval Engineering, has an area specialized in the preparation of Project Monitoring reports, mainly addressed to Financial Institutions, Developers and Investment Funds.

The department’s activity has been developed mainly in Catalonia, with 34% of the total monitored works, and Madrid with 28%.

Chart 2: Monitoring performed by Gloval 2017-2019

You can download the GTrends Report Num. 4 here:

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