Trends in the real-estate market during the third quarter of 2022

No. 15 - September 2022

Highlights of the quarter: July - September 2022

The new edition of G-Trends is now available. In this report Gloval looks at the key macroeconomic figures for the quarter, analyses the segments of the real-estate market and looks in more depth at some topical themes. You can download the entire report at the following link:

– In relation to the macroeconomic environment, the forecasts for Spanish GDP have been reduced and the general economic conditions are tightening.

– With regard to the residential segment, the conditions for obtaining a mortgage are also tightening.

– In the logistics segment we see that profits are easing off somewhat.

– With regard to retail, we are still seeing high yields in the most exclusive areas of the big cities and the hotel sector continues to play a starring role in relation to post-pandemic recovery.

Real GDP and Free Market Housing Valuation

PIB Real y Valor Tasado Vivienda Libre.
Gráfico 1: PIB Real y Valor Tasado Vivienda Libre. (variación a/a 2007 – avance II Trim. 2022).

Lending for construction and the real-estate sector. Evolution

The report also looks at other topics related to the sector, such as the analysis of lending for construction and real-estate activity and mortgage lending to households in our country in recent years. It also goes into more detail about the repositioning of real-estate assets: those assets already built that are not adapted will suffer from functional and operational obsolescence and will need to be repositioned, to be transformed into a useful and functional asset for current uses and to meet growing demand.

Crédito con garantía inmobiliaria
Gráfico 2: Crédito con garantía inmobiliaria. S. Construcción e inmobiliario. Evolución
Crédito hipotecario a hogares para adquisición de vivienda
Gráfico 3: Crédito hipotecario a hogares para adquisición de vivienda. Evolución

Gloval´s outlook

The experts in Gloval’s research team also explain the “Gloval Vision”, its perspective that steers clear of excessive pessimism or optimism. It is focused on the current professionalism in the sector and its ability to manage itself so that it can survive whatever the future may bring.

The Gloval Group’s Digital Department

To end this issue there is a focus on the work of the Gloval Group’s Digital Department, emphasising that the digital transformation of companies in the real-estate sector is no longer just an option but is instead essential. Gloval is fully aware of that, which is why it has included digitalisation as a key strategy, seeing it as an ongoing process rather than a one-off action.

You may also see our previous GTrends Reports and our latest GIX Report, where we analyse the main real-estate economic indicators in Spain.


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