Trends in the real-estate market during the first quarter of 2022

Num. 13 - March 2022

Highlights of the quarter: January - March 2022

Gloval publishes its latest issue of the Gtrends Report for March 2022. Here are the highlights. You can download the full report from this link:

It is important to point out that the Spanish economic situation bears a level of uncertainty that is above a stable cycle with high inflation, while consumer confidence awaits solutions to the soaring energy prices and the end of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Growth this year will slow down to about 4% in real terms.

Real GDP and Appraised Value of Unsubsidised Housing.

PIB Real y Valor Tasado Vivienda Libre
Chart 1: Real GDP and Appraised Value of Unsubsidised Housing. (YoY variation, 2007 – outlook 4Q. 2021).

The real-estate market does not seem to show any signs of weakness in practically all segments. The residential segment produces houses, the amount of new planning permissions expands, there is constant interest in all types of real-estate logistics, Build to Rent also captures the interest of operators-investors, and well-located offices remain strong. In 2022, the hotel sector will be far more appealing than last year, but it largely depends on how international tourism behaves.

Housing Sales Spain

Transacciones viviendas. España
Chart 2: Housing Sales. Spain

Real-estate Yields vs 10-year Bonds

Rendimientos del Sector Inmobiliario vs Bono 10 años.
Chart 3: Real-estate Yields vs 10-year Bonds.

Residential environment

Evolution of house valuations according to their state.

This number includes a chart showing how house valuations have evolved depending on the state they are in, showing positive data for 2021, the best since 2013.

Chart 4: Total-Spain.-House-Valuations-Based-on-State.-Units

General environment

CSR and Department of appraisals and valuations on rural properties

It is also important to highlight the developments in our Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility, which show the major role it plays in our daily operations.

Lastly, we must commend the activity of our Department of appraisals and valuations on rural properties and farms, which has one of the most powerful teams of experts in this market and works all over Spain.

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