Gloval Insights: A completely new insight into the housing market

Map of Gloval’s housing indexes:  May 2020

Indicators: Stress index for the rental market and housing bubble index

What do these indicators mean?

Gloval provides you with the most relevant and up-to-date information on the Spanish housing market in a graphic and simple way. As we add new indicators and data, you can choose them to show together or separately. At present, you can see Gloval’s own two indicators based on public information and Gloval’s own data:

Stress index for the rental market called Gloval Private Housing Rental Index (GPRI): This index provides an idea of how expensive it is to access the rental market in each area with regard to the financial return gained by each owner for the rental. It shows the ratio between the average rental income in each census tract, household income, the percentage of the household income spent on an owned or rented house, house prices, supply/demand of houses for rent or sale, etc. This indicator is on a 1 to 5 scale, where 5 is the highest and shows an area with a stressed rental market.

Index for the property bubble called Gloval Housing Bubble Index (GHBI): This reveals areas (census tracts) where a certain behaviour in prices would likely point to a housing bubble. At present, there are no large areas with a high likelihood and the areas are so few that we can’t talk about a general housing bubble. We do notice however high market saturation in some areas and this could cause a sharp drop in demand. The data used to produce this index takes into account both the current housing prices in the area with its economic indicators, and the past trend of this value as well as its forecast produced with Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

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