GIX Reports
GIX Reports

Economic and Real-Estate Indicators Num. 27

February 2023

Over 50 indicators of the Spanish economy and real-estate sector

We present the 27thedition of our GIX Report where we share each month the reality of the economic situation and the real estate sector in Spain.

In the final quarter of the year, the main macroeconomic indicators for the Spanish economy are showing a slight decrease in the growth rates of both the consumption items and some investment items. The year 2022 ended in positive figures with a year-on-year rate of 5.5%.

On the supply side, production has been boosted by construction and services and, to a lesser extent, by industrial activity, despite the increase in the cost of materials, inflation, etc.

The employment figures referring to the number of people registered with Social Security remain on average in the order of 3% and the Labour Force Survey unemployment rate also remains below the level of 13%.

The greatest threat is interest rate hikes to contain the rising prices as these could cool the economy somewhat. While there are no signs of recession, this will result in lower growth, at least in Spain.

Regarding the property sector, investment in non-residential segments in 2022 has been at a record level and in the residential sector, everything related to “living” is also performing remarkably well.

Economic Indicators

The +50 real-estate economic indicators analysed include:

• Consumer Spending
• Capital Investment
• Exports
• Imports
• Industry
• Investment in Construction
• Investment in Housing
• Investment in Other Buildings and Constructions
• Other

Indicators of the Building and Real-Estate Sector.

• Unemployment in Construction
• Housing Stock
• New Build Stock
• Appraised Value of Unsubsidised Housing (€/m2)
• Land Sales
• House Sales
• Yearly Theoretical Effort for Housing Affordability (years)
• Houses Started
• Gross Return on Public Procurement Rentals
• Other

Download below the Gix Report for February 2023 and find out the details and trends in economic data and the building and real-estate sector. You can also see the previous GIX Reports

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