GIX Reports
GIX Reports

Economic and Real-Estate Indicators Num. 34

September 2023

Over 50 indicators of the Spanish economy and real-estate sector

Here is the 34th issue of our GIX Report where we share the reality of the Spanish economy and real-estate sector every month.

The economic situation as seen through Gloval’s GIX in August maintains the trend of certain uncertainty for the short-medium term in a significant number of records, especially those most closely related to the movement of interest rates, although it should be noted that opinion indicators such as Consumer Confidence, Retail Trade and the Services PMI do not reflect negative trends.

In the case of housing and its relationship with mortgages, they do reflect certain changes in direction. Thus, for example, the “theoretical effort to access housing”, the gross amount of installments to be paid by households to acquire a home has gone from 29.30% in December 2019 to 38.20% in March 2023 and is expected to increase. In relation to the previous indicator, “the number of years destined to the payment of the mortgage” has increased from 6.81 years in December 2019 to 7.71 years in March of the current fiscal year, which means an increase of almost 11 months.

Economic Indicators

The +50 real-estate economic indicators analysed include:

• Consumer Spending
• Capital Investment
• Exports
• Imports
• Industry
• Investment in Construction
• Investment in Housing
• Investment in Other Buildings and Constructions
• Other

Indicators of the Building and Real-Estate Sector.

• Unemployment in Construction
• Housing Stock
• New Build Stock
• Appraised Value of Unsubsidised Housing (€/m2)
• Land Sales
• House Sales
• Yearly Theoretical Effort for Housing Affordability (years)
• Houses Started
• Gross Return on Public Procurement Rentals
• Other

Descárgate a continuación el Informe GIX correspondiente al mes de septiembre de 2023 y descubre el detalle y la evolución de datos económicos y del sector de la construcción e inmobiliario. Además, puedes consultar los Informes GIX anteriores

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